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Nordson Dage Jade X Ray Inspection Machine


Sales area:All

1. Applies DAGE VR950 New Technology Open-Transmissive X-ray Tube, 160kV  3W Tube Power

2. Provable <0.95 (950nm) Feature Recognition Tube

3. Nordson DAGE 1.33Mp @ 10fps Long Lifetime CMOS Flat Panel Detector including Real Time Image Enhancements

4. Built-in AXiS (Active X-ray Image Stabilization) for anti-vibration control.

5. Geometric Magnification 1,400x, System 4,200x

6. Up to 65° Oblique Views without Loss of Magnification best for hard to seen defects

7. Handles maximum board size up to 29” x 22.8” (736 x 580mm) within a compact footprint

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Nordson Dage Diamond X Ray Inspection Machine


Sales area:All

1. Applies DAGE NT-100 Maintenance-Free Sealed-Transmissive X-ray Tube, 160kV with up to 10W Tube Power.

2. Provable <0.1um (100nm) Feature Recognition Tube, with uCT (3D Inspection) & X-Plane